Powder Coating and it’s Environment Impact

Interested about powder coating your next project but are hesitant about the environmental impact this finishing process has? At R.R. LeDuc Corporation, we want to reassure our customers that powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly techniques available today.

Reasons to Choose Powder Coating:

  • Powder coating is virtually free of hazardous air pollutants and has been proven to have negligible VOCs and HAPs (known hazardous chemical pollutants). There are no solvents in powder coating which means it’s impossible to pollute the atmosphere with VOCs.
  • The entire powder coating process is as clean as it gets. Unlike other coating methods (such as using paint), powder coating allows exhaust air from the coating area to be returned to the plant to be further filtered — which means less oven air is released outside the building. The costs for oven temperatures are also minimized.
  • R.R. LeDuc Corporation’s powder coating room is quite large and able to accommodate multiple parts at once due to our conveyorized system. During powder coating, overspray occurs. However this overspray can be retrieved and reused for future projects.
  • The unused powder that is retrieved can be reclaimed and returned into a hopper and thus circulated through the system again without causing much waste in the process. This reuse reduces overhead costs and can lead to lower costs for the customer.

Unlike lead paints, gilding and other coating techniques, powder coating is a safer, more reliable approach to finishing a project. The powder also sticks to just about any surface due to the preparation process and materials used.

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