Benefits of Using Plasma Cutting for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Manipulating large pieces of metal to create customized finished products is often difficult and requires precision and planning. However, with precision and planning often comes spending a large chunk of time and money on a project.

Yet there are technological capabilities out there in the sheet metal fabrication world that allow companies to both quickly and accurately bring a project from idea to reality. One such capability is plasma cutting.

What is Plasma Cutting?

First it’s important to understand what exactly is plasma. Plasma is known as the “4th state” of matter. Normally, we recognize matter as being in three states: A solid, liquid, or gas. Plasma is the state above the gaseous state and requires an extremely high amount of energy to reach. When the plasma state is reached, that means matter has become ionized and the particles separate from each other. This separation generates a large amount of heat capable cutting through electrically conductive material such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Why Sheet Metal Fabricators Use Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting may be similar to the untrained eye to laser cutting, but the benefits are tenfold. At Holyoke MA-based sheet metal fabrication company R.R. LeDuc Corporation, the company uses both techniques, yet when precision and accuracy is called for, the plasma cutter is the weapon of choice. The high speed at which the machine works, along with the accurate cutting and a low operation cost means that the company’s customers will benefit from seeing a finished product sooner and won’t need to break the bank.

R.R. LeDuc Corporation’s spacious manufacturing facility includes state-of-the-art laser and plasma cutting systems. The Amada FO 3015NT 4000 Watt laser can cut through sheet metal anywhere from 0.010 to 0.750 inches thick, while the Komatsu Fine Plamsa G9120-II boasts a large cutting surface in order for plasma to accurately cut through up to 0.75 inches thick worth of steel.

Thinking about a project that might require precision cutting? Contact our company today for a free project estimate and we’ll help you through the entire design and build process.

R.R. LeDuc Corporation Contributes to Advancements in Digital TV Transmitters

Ever wondered how your TV has such a high resolution to give you that perfect, crisp and clear movie watching experience? This innovative technology is all due to the advancements in digital TV transmitters.

But not every transmitter is created equally! In fact, R.R. LeDuc Corporation has teamed up with Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC to create one of the most efficient, state-of-the-art transmitters on the market: PARALLAX.

What Makes PARALLAX Unique

PARALLAX  is a one of a kind, high power liquid cooled, solid state transmitter that’s Liquid cooling for TV transmitterdesigned to last. Within this sleekly designed device boasts the highest power density available at an impressive 16 Power Amplifiers per transmitter cabinet, as well as liquid cooling technology to improve performance speed. As a leading transmitter design and manufacturer, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC chose to think outside the box when it came to designing PARALLAX; they decided that a vertical design was best for user operation and storage.

Building the Transmitters a Reliable Home

As with any high performance, industrial grade electronic devices, PARALLAX needed an equally reliable housing unit. Holyoke MA’s R.R. LeDuc Corporation took over the finishing touches of the project and custom-designed an enclosure rack to house Hitachi-Comark LLC’s new transmitters.


After agreeing upon a customized design plan that would house the vertical transmitter Sheet metal cabinet for TV transmittersunits, the sheet metal fabrication company set to work producing a one of a kind enclosure cabinet that’s built to last. At an impressive 78 inches tall, 54 inches long and 30 inches wide, the cabinet doesn’t sacrifice sturdiness for size. R.R. LeDuc Corporation’s keen eye for quality materials and effective design result in a highly reinforced and sturdy product capable of housing multiple transmitters at a time.

“This project is an ode to how difficult it is to fabricate a product that requires extensive amounts of welding while still falling within strict tolerance guidelines,” said Eric LeDuc, Head of Sales at R.R. LeDuc Corporation. “What we’ve been able to do is create strict tolerances with an enclosure with many components and over 60 inches of weld.”

The more welding that’s required for a piece of metal, the more likely the tolerance is to decrease. Welding often warps and distorts the steel due to high temperatures, yet through extensive fixturing and calculated welding procedures, the fabrication and powder coating company was able to produce the enclosure unit with a tolerance of +- 0.060 inches.


Besides industry-leading fabrication capabilities, what sets R.R. LeDuc Corporation apart Holding rack for TV transmittersfrom the rest of the field is their powder coating operation. All of the company’s powder coating takes place on site with the help of their massive automated conveyor. This automated conveyor is able to process parts up to 60 inches tall, 36 inches wide and 144 inches long.

“It’s one thing to powder coat small parts,” said LeDuc, “but it’s an entirely different — and more difficult — scenario when it comes to powder coating a product as large as this enclosure unit is.”

R.R. LeDuc Corporation is known throughout the state for their ability to work with businesses to create a customized design plan and end product that goes beyond functional and aesthetic expectations. Founded in 1967, the sheet metal and powder coating company specializes in laser and plasma cutting, welding, CNC punching, powder coating and more for numerous industries. If you have a project in mind that requires professional-grade fabrication, request a free estimate today.

How Point of Purchase Displays Can Improve Business

Looking for new ways to improve sales numbers and catch the attention of your customers? For retailers and other storefront businesses, point of purchase displays can be a clever marketing tactic.

What is a Point of Purchase Display?

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are marketing materials and/or advertising which is usually placed alongside the product that is being marketed. These displays are used to promote specific items or to make customers aware of deals, sales, and discounts on products or services.

POP displays will mostly be found just outside a storefront, just inside or at the register, or strategically placed in areas around the store that see the most foot traffic.The goal is to persuade customers to purchase a specific item or service, and since nearly 70% of purchasing decisions are made within the store itself, these marketing strategies can be very effective when executed properly.

Examples of Point of Purchase Displays

There are plenty of POP display options to choose from depending on what product or service a business is trying to promote or sell. Many companies will reach out to other businesses for help in designing and manufacturing their POP displays. At R.R. LeDuc Corporation, we specialize in:

  • Cash register enclosures
  • Display fixtures
  • Kiosks and components
  • Archive preservation enclosures
  • Custom signage

No matter what you decide on, the point of this type of display is to attract attention, increase sales and, most importantly, improve brand awareness. Contact R.R. LeDuc Corporation and let us help you strategically drive sales this year!